Final Mobility 2040 Plan

What the future holds:

The final Mobility Greensboro 2040 plan will more than double the current GTA fixed route service in the following ways: 1) create a frequent core network of 15 minute or better service on five or more of GTA’s highest ridership routes, 2) add crosstown connectors providing connections in new areas, not requiring a transfer at the downtown depot, and 3) increase frequency and span of all routes to create a consistent network all week long.

Greensboro will be connected by transit in entirely new ways, improving access to jobs, schools, healthcare, parks and shopping. Destinations that currently seem impossible to reach by riding GTA will become convenient stops along new and improved routes. Commuters may choose taking the bus to work rather than driving their cars, because overall Greensboro will become a more connected city.

GTA hopes to use the final plan as a living document to suggest best practices and propose general concepts to the Greensboro community. As Greensboro’s demographics shift, and core areas develop, GTA plans to proactively work to ensure high quality transit is included in all planning efforts.

With the Mobility 2040 plan being a living document, we are open to any and all suggestions to consider when preparing for future implementation. GTA plans to implement modifications and service enhancements in phases as adequate funding becomes available.

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  • Green Routes = local routes with 30 minute service
  • Blue Routes = crosstown connectors with 30 minute service
  • Orange Routes = frequent core network with 15 minute service