About the Project

What is the Mobility Greensboro 2040 Plan?

The Mobility Greensboro 2040 Plan establishes long-term strategies and programs designed to make the Greensboro area’s bus system more efficient and increase the number of bus riders. GTA conducted an in-depth study that assessed the changing transit needs of the Piedmont Triad’s residents, workers, students, and visitors. The study unfolded over 18 months in two phases, and included:

  • Outreach and Participation: Opportunities for customer feedback through pop-ups, surveys, and an interactive website.
  • Existing Conditions Assessment: In-depth analysis of existing transit market mobility needs, coordination with planned land use and development, evaluation of existing transit network and services, and identification of opportunities to support funding resources.
  • A Renewed Vision for Transit: Selection of transit solutions that improve customer mobility and promote economic development in the region.
  • System Network Solutions: Recommendations for the growth and development of a transit network, including capital costs and financial strategies.

How can I stay informed about project implementation?

Please visit the project website often for up to date information on the progress and opportunities to participate in the implementation of Mobility Greensboro 2040. If you would like to receive periodic updates directly via email, please join the mailing list by submitting a contact form or by emailing

Why did GTA conduct the study and create a plan?

GTA and GDOT want to stay informed on the transit needs of existing and future riders in order to implement a plan for an enhanced, well-performing transit system that can respond to the demands of a growing region. GTA conducted a similar study in 2004 (Mobility Greensboro 2015), and has met many of the goals included in the plan. Given the changes in land use patterns, shifting demographics, and the advent of new transit-related technology, GTA has recognized the need to update the Mobility 2015 plan to ensure that the transit system is evolving in sync with the community’s needs. The study sheds light on untapped markets and service areas, where service can be redirected, what network structure works best, and what new services and technology can be utilized.

Now that the plan is complete, will it be implemented?

The first steps of implementation began in 2018 as staff, board members, and stakeholders deliberated modifications to routes within GTA’s existing budget. Starting in March of 2019, GTA staff began holding pop-ups and public meetings to present the proposed first steps to the riding public. Now GTA plans to implement the first steps of Mobility Greensboro 2040 starting on July 1, 2019. 13 of the 16 daily routes will be modified for improved efficiency and simplified route designs. Feedback from the community plays an important role in shaping effective transit improvement. Mobility Greensboro 2040 continues to provide a variety of opportunities to  collect feedback regarding the challenges of the existing transit service and recommendations for shaping the future network. There will continually be a mix of technology-based and in-person outreach opportunities as GTA implements the plan. Check out the ‘First Steps’ page to see GTA’s plans for August 5, 2019 and leave feedback on the interactive map!