Flashback – October 1991

older GTA bus image

Flashback – October 1991

The newly formed Greensboro Transit Authority launches service with 16 routes and extensions all merging at a centralized transfer point downtown. The community celebrated as it was a tremendous leap forward in public mobility in the Gate City.

In 2017, as the city has expanded in population and development, there are still 16 GTA routes and connectors, all merging at a centralized transfer point downtown. What was once an optimistic view of future transit service with the locations and frequencies our riders desire has now under the weight of increasing demand and decreasing budgets fallen short of these goals. Overcrowded buses and service gaps show that 26 years later, the need is great.

Greensboro Transit Authority has embarked on an 18-month study to review the entire GTA system. The goal: identify the areas GTA can better meet the transportation needs of our community. Routing…bus stops…services…fares and transfers…every aspect of our transit system will be under review. A series of focus groups, surveys and other vehicles for input will help GTA and its partners design a plan to maximize it’s potential to serve our current, and optimistically, future riders. It is called Mobility 2040, and it needs you. Your thoughts and ideas will be vital for development of the final report to the community. This report will serve as a guide for decades of future transit planning and implementation. New bus service on New Garden Road? Crosstown routes? Split routes? The time has arrived for you to make your thoughts known and we encourage you to Get On Board 2040. Take a seat. Have a conversation. And help make Greensboro the most successful transit city it can be. Make sure to check this website often for the latest progress and events. Also sign up for our mailing list to get updates in your Inbox. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t say it…Don’t miss the bus…Get On Board 2040!

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